History of Polytechnic of Health MoH Republic of Indonesia

Health Polytechnic of Malang is abbreviated MOH polytechnic, a Professional Higher Education in Health's Department of Health.

Based on the Minister of Health Decree No.: 1207/Menkes/SK/X/2001, MOH Polytechnic Malang is one of the 32 (thirty two) Polytechnic of Health in Indonesia.

MOH Polytechnic Malang is a combination of 7 (seven) Health Academies: Nursing Academy of Malang, Lawang Nursing Academy, Academy of Nursing Blitar, Malang Midwifery Academy, Academy of Midwifery Kediri, Jember Midwifery Academy and Department of Nutrition Malang. Directorate Office (Centre) is located in Jalan Ijen  No. 77 C Malang

MOH Polytechnic Malang which consists of 10 study programs include:

    * D3 Nursing Program of Malang, Blitar and Lawang
    * D3 Midwifery Program of Malang, Jember and Kediri
    * D3 Nutrition Program of Malang
    * D4 Medical Surgical Nursing Program
    * D4 Midwifery Educator  Program
    * D4 Nutrition Program.

In 2009 referring to the Minister of Health Decree No. HK.03.05/I/II/4/00635.1/2009 was added two new study programs namely:

    * D-4 Psychiatric Nursing program
    * D-4 Pediatric Nursing Program