Nursing department of Poltekkes Kemenkes Malang

A.   Department Position
Departmen is an academic component which responsible for professional education in some or one branch of science technology and / or certain medical field.

B.   Job Description
Head of department has responsibilities to manage department resources and conducting education. In performing his / her duties he/she is assisted by secretary of deparment.

1. Vision, Mission and  Objective of Nursing Department  :
   a. VISION

      To produce profession nursing graduates who can compete nationally and globally.


  1. Conducting and developing human resources toward leveled education and certified education.
  2. Conducting and developing teaching and learning process suitable with competency demand in nursing profession and technology development.
  3. Developing research, community service in nursing field.
  4. Producing professional and skillful nurses.
  5. Conducting partnership to support teaching and learning process and graduates empowerment nationally and internationally.

2. Nursing departmen has some study programs, those are:

  1. D-III Nursing program of Malang, Lawang and Blitar. Since 2007 it has developed excellent program for D-III International Nursing Program.
  2. D-IV Medical Surgical Nursing Program.